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Divide by ten the cost of reporting for carbon emissions and power consumption

Prodo integrates carbon emissions information into digital & media production workflows : broadcast, studio, animation, streaming, VR, video games… Prodo helps to raise awareness, to create dashboards for decision-making, and makes reporting effective.

Carbon emissions information can be used for different purposes in a company, and collecting activity to make the calculation usually take about 80% of the budget for a carbon reduction strategy. By attaching it to the production and/or financial data flow; we aim at automatizing a large part of the process of collecting and gathering data to help focus on more important topics such as reducing carbon emissions.

Through our API we can connect into production systems (ERP, scheduling, production tracking…) and/or financial systems (reporting, accounting, CRM…). You do have a full control over the physical resources of your company, and a precise estimation of their impact, in real time.

Prodo is a solution developed by Holli, relying on state-of-the-art databases, statistics, research and industry know-how to provide the most relevant information.

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